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Suggested Card Messages

Don't forget to write your card message at checkout so they'll know whom to thank... don't know what to say? We've taken care of that too. View our suggested card messages below.


Please include a signature if you want the recipient to know who sent their gift! The sender's name will NOT automatically be added to the card unless you type it in the card message field during checkout.    

Happy Birthday
  • May today be filled with sunlight and smiles, laughter and love.
  • Have a Happy Birthday because you'll never be this young again. But be careful because you've never been this old before.
  • Roses are red, Violets are blue, I'm so glad that I'm YOUNGER than you! Happy Birthday!
  • Like a fine wine, you improve each year.
  • Wishing you a year filled with the same joy you bring to others!

Thank You

  • Thanks seems such a small word to cover that "I'll never forget it" feeling!
  • There are not enough words to express my gratitude, so please accept this gift and my sincere thanks.
  • I hope you enjoy this gift and know that your kindness will be remembered forever.
  • Thank you just isn’t enough! You’re the best!


  • A standing ovation for you!
  • Congratulations on your shining moment! We're sure there will be many more!
  • May today's success be the beginning of tomorrow's achievements. Congrats!

Get Well

  • Hoping this gift brighten not only your room, but your spirits as well.
  • We miss you. Everybody has had to double-up and work overtime to accomplish what you used to do. Get Well Soon!
  • Sending you healing thoughts and a little sunshine to brighten your day.
  • Loving relief for your aches and pains.


  • No special reason, no special day - and I think that's the very best time to send something to somebody that makes my life very wonderful!
  • Just because I love you...
  • For the best reason of all - none.
  • May your day be as wonderful as you are.

Mother’s Day

  • Thanks for always helping me to remember what is important in life... and today it is you!
  • Hope your day is sunshine and flowers with happy thoughts to fill the house.
  • Thank you for always being there, Mum. Happy Mother's Day.
  • Mum, you're the best. Happy Mother's Day.

New Baby

  • Babies are wonders, babies are fun, congratulations on your new little one!
  • Just to let you know we share in the celebration of the beautiful new life you have created!
  • Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.
  • Congratulations - A precious new baby has come from above to live in your hearts... to fill you with love.

I’m Sorry

  • Accept this gift in place of the words I said.
  • I'll never forgive myself...but I'm hoping you will. I'm sorry.
  • I'm wrong - you're right.
  • I may not be perfect, but my apology is close.

Copying A Message

You can "cut and paste" a message into the Card Message field on the order form:

1) Highlight one of the message below with your mouse &  type Control-C  (Macs, Command-X)
3) Move to order form, click in the message field &  type Control-V  (Macs, Command-V)

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